Baynaru’s primary objective is to help travelers who plan to visit South Korea to discover and book in-destination services at the most competitive prices. Baynaru is your ultimate travel aid, developed specifically for decerning travelers who wants to make the most out of their trip.


  1. Is my payment secure?

    Yes, our payment system is securely designed! We do encrypt your payment information to protect you against any fraud and unauthorized transactions.

    BAYNARU recommends credit card or PayPal for security reason. However, if the local organizer does not accept your booking, the amount will be recredited to the original account it was taken from.

  2. Credit Card errors

    Our payment system is fully automated and 100% secure. Please verify the following

    -    Your card has not expired

    -    You have entered card number and detail such as card expiration date correctly

    -    You have not exceeded your spending limit

    -    There is no other issue with your account

    If you have tried to complete the booking multiple times with correct information, we recommend you to use a different credit card.

  3. How do I know if my payment was completed?

    We will email you a confirmation letter when a transaction is completed.  You will also be able to view your purchased item(s) on My menu > My order.  In case you cannot find your orders or payment record, please email us.