Baynaru’s primary objective is to help travelers who plan to visit South Korea to discover and book in-destination services at the most competitive prices. Baynaru is your ultimate travel aid, developed specifically for decerning travelers who wants to make the most out of their trip.


  1. How can I cancel or change my order?

    We understand that travel plans can change. All requests for canceling or changing in schedule reached BAYNARU a minimum 3 business days in advance will be served with no charges.  Less than 3 business days, no refund or cancel. 

    Please go to My Menu > My Page > Contact Us.  Then, email us your name, last name, Order number, and let us know how you want us to help. 

  2. If I purchased multiple items on BAYNARU, can I receive partial cancel or refund?

    BAYNARU does not support partial cancel or refund.  We recommend you to cancel all orders and re-order.